Readings ~ Cards & Mayan Bean Readings

Adya Mayan bean reading
Mayan Bean Readings. Adya was trained in Mexico by an authentic Indigenous Shaman. Bean Reading has been part of the Mayan culture for centuries. It is used to help communicate with the spirit world, in vision-seeking ceremonies and in general daily living. The beans themselves, which are vibrant and alive in their presence and colour, have been used for many purposes such as remedies to supplement treatment of ailments and are also of great importance as medicine and utilized in divination. The beans that are used in these   readings have been gathered by myself, in a Adya Mayan bean readingsecluded area in the mountains, in Mexico.

There are approximately 400 used in the readings. People who seek a Mayan Bean reading often comment that they have gained more self-awareness, clarity, direction and insight.  Many feel a sense of peace and a confirmation of their life direction. Clients express that the readings are often awe ~ inspiring and for   some, the beans have been a catalyst for physical healing and more!


TESTIMONIALS Magical Mayan Bean Reading

I did not know what to expect with this type of reading, but when Adya opened the beans and put them on table I immediately felt their playful, laughter energy and it made me laugh too. The reading was not only helpful in confirming that I am headed in the right direction and on the correct path for my soul’s growth, but they were astoundingly healing at the same time. I had quite a congested area in my chest that the beans were trying to clear – and did! Adya’s amazing ability to connect with the beans and allow the spirit guides to bring her clear messages impressed me. I feel this type of guidance would be beneficial for anyone seeking clarity, direction and insight into their own life. Kerry Palframan, Ottawa, ON

Adya’s Bean Readings are amazing … such a fun process and a delight for the senses, and I feel I we are connecting right to my angels and spirit guides. The information that emerges is always extraordinary and helpful and awe-inspiring.” Suzanne Sheppard, Ottawa, ON