Tai Chi


Did you know that Tai Chi is the most popular form of exercise on the earth? It is no longer just a Chinese phenomena. It is rapidly spreading throughout the world. It is more popular now than ever before because the millions of people who practice it are living a more active life than those who don’t.

As a result, many Western doctors are now recommending it to their patients, especially the elderly.
Most forms of exercise dissipate your energy and make you tired and hyper at the same time! Our form of Chi Kung/Tai Chi accumulates energy and leaves you refreshed and relaxed when you finish. The graceful, slow speed of our styles, coupled with an emphasis on deep breathing and mental focus, creates balance, flexibility and calmness, which relieves stress and allows for the integration of your mind and body.
Avya teaches a very simple form that has only 10 movements to learn, and each movement is well explained for easier learning. The goal is to take the mystery and difficulty out of learning Tai Chi and to make it easy for everyone to do.
Recent medical studies (Emery University) confirm what Chi Kung/Tai Chi practitioners have known for centuries – that just 20 minutes a day of Chi Kung/Tai Chi can dramatically improve your coordination and balance, which for the elderly, can significantly cut the risk of falls.
Mark Johnson: Tai Chi For Seniors

(Mark was Avya’s instructor and she highly recommends this video.  The form only takes five minutes to complete, and can be learned in ten weeks. There is a tremendous amount of helpful information on this video.)

Although not a substitute for proper medical treatment, Tai Chi can help to improve the health and quality of life for people dealing with health conditions such as poor circulation, high blood pressure, arthritis, back pain, joint immobility, respiratory problems, digestive disorders, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, fibromayalgia and many others. (taken from the Taoist website)


7 Week Evening  Class: 6-7pm Tuesday Sept. 12th-October 24th, and every Friday at 1:00 both  classes offered  at Skeena Diversity 4617 Lazelle.  I also teach a morning class at  the Terrace SportsPlex at 9 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Please contact me for details.

Participants will learn the Five Elements Form, which is easy to learn, and focuses on healing the internal organs.

Skeena Drop in fee for evening class is $14.00/class

Friday afternoon class is 30 minutes for $5.00