Meditation Course – TBA 2018




Effortless Meditation Techniques

Designed for the “Busy Modern Mind”

Learn simple techniques of The Bright Path Ascension, that allow anyone to easily rise above, or ascend beyond, the chatter and chaos of the mind, into a direct experience of inner peace, happiness and living life in the present moment. In doing so, Ascension reconnects you with true fulfillment, love, magic and offers a flawless journey of Self-discovery and freedom from limitation. The path is simple, direct, effortless and swift.

Imagine if you were always able to choose between whether you experience peace or pain. From the moment you learn your first Ascension Attitude, you become able to choose for peace anytime you want, for the rest of your life. This is your invitation to wake up to who you truly are and experience what it is to be truly alive.

The possibilities are truly infinite. Prioritize your peace by joining us for this life-changing weekend experience.

These techniques can be practiced sitting comfortably in a chair or with eyes open as you are engaged in your daily activities.

Experience More Peace of Mind
 Have more Clarity & Creativity
 Reduce and Let Go of Stress
 Find Better Health
 Experience Greater Happiness
 Develop Personal and Spiritual Growth

 Please contact Pat (Avya) 250-641-5336 or

Darlene (Adya) 250-641-7771            or    

Certified Meditation Instructor’s of the Bright Path.

                        Course FEE: $400.00                   

This fee includes ongoing weekly support and the opportunity

to repeat  any beginning course for free.

 Terrace, BC

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