About Us

Pat  (Avya)

Come … Fly With The Eagles

This is the call I heard while on a retreat in my early thirties…

The challenge was to step outside my comfort zones of the hen yard I had created, and unfurl my eagle’s wings in the heavens where I belonged.

You too, have heard that voice calling from deep within to take the leaps that send you flying rather than playing it safe on the ground. It all begins when you change your relationship with your thoughts…

I am calling on the mystified spiritual seekers who are longing for more than a fleeting glimpse of peace. To live your life from that peaceful and infinite awareness creates a life of magic and wonder.

Then you have the tools you need to promote lasting change for you and the planet.

Then, you soar with the eagles!

My name is Avya Ishaya. I am fiercely committed to guiding frustrated spiritual seekers to re-discover the magic of life by soaring beyond the endless mind chatter of doubt and fear through a proven meditation practice which enhances well-being at every level. As we live life from a permanent and stable experience of the Silence within, we engage life from a different level of confidence, commitment, and compassion.

If you are looking for a proven professional Teaching that can guide you to expand consciousness permanently, or simply begin the journey to true peace of mind, improved sleep, and greater clarity and focus, you’ve come to the right place.

With over twenty years of experience as a meditation teacher and retreat facilitator, I have helped hundreds of clients transform their lives from living with fear, depression and self doubt, to experiencing more contentment, peace and joy.

My mission and commitment is to help you literally get off the ground with a meditation practice that will send you soaring. “Bye-Bye” chaotic mind and life…welcome to a life of enhanced clarity, deep peace, heightened intuition and fulfillment.

My path to become a meditation teacher began when my father was killed at his furniture store by two young men seeking money for their drugs.

The depths of pain I experienced in losing him that way was indescribable. I knew that i would heal eventually, and that I would become a wounded healer with a very special gift to offer the world….the gift of true compassion. I was only twenty years old when my father, James Garrett Perdue, died. I had just entered the first stage of becoming a Roman Catholic nun. My path of compassion led me to chaplaincy in acute care and chemical dependency treatment centers. It was while serving as a chaplain that the vision and invitation to fly with the eagles came through. I was on a retreat and could see myself walking around as a chicken. I then heard the flap of the eagles wings and saw this majestic bird land on the fence. He gazed at me and asked one question, “Do you wish to continue scratching at the ground as a hen, or do you want to fly with the eagles?” I knew that the Universe was awaiting my answer in that moment, and I timidly replied that day “I want to fly”. That vision came to fulfillment when I learned the Ishayas’ Ascension meditation. This was a game changer big time in my meditation practice. I had learned various forms of meditation and prayer as a nun, and had spent the last seven years using a method known as centering prayer. I was frustrated as I was lucky if I even had seven seconds of no thought when I closed my eyes. With the first technique of Ascension that Friday night I experienced the silence within in a more profound way than ever before, and it lasted for five minutes instead of seven seconds! I was hooked as I knew this teaching would take me to real and lasting peace and freedom. I took the teacher training in 1998 and have been helping others to experience the wellspring of peace and compassion within them ever since.

I am a certified teacher of the Bright Path Ishayas’ Ascension meditation. There are over 300 teachers worldwide, and thousands who have learned these simple, yet powerful techniques. Two hallmarks of this Teaching are the numerous opportunities for ongoing support upon completion of a weekend course, and that you learn to use the techniques in a close eyed meditation, and during daily activity. These techniques are based on praise, gratitude, love and compassion. Research is showing the heightened benefit of employing positive emotions with one’s meditation.



Darlene  (Adya)

I love life!

I infuse joy and passion into my work. Often we look outside ourselves and outside our communities for what we need when it is all right here.  I strive to have people see themselves and others as whole and good, just as we are. One of my passions is to assist others in discovering the unbounded peace, contentment and love that exists within us all.

Truly ~ All we are is Love