Meditation Course – Feb. 10th & 11th 2018

Bridge To Freedom Flyer Oct. 2017  MEDITATION FIRST SPHERE  MEDITATION  COURSE Effortless Meditation Techniques Designed for the “Busy Modern Mind” Learn simple techniques of The Bright Path Ascension, that allow anyone to easily rise above, or ascend beyond, the chatter and chaos of the mind, into a direct experience of inner peace, happiness and living …


A Mindful Choice

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Check out an excellent documentary on the power of meditation, visit the website "A Mindful Choice" to view a trailer or purchase the movie.


Meditation for Conscious Living Meditation allows us to live in a state of profound relaxation.  This state naturally dissolves fatigue and accumulated stress held in the body and mind.   While practicing, the breath slows down, heart rate decreases and stress hormones fall away.  This leads to restful awareness.    Ancient Technique ~ Simple Approach ! *******   NEXT   …