Adya’s Bean Readings are amazing … such a fun process and a delight for the senses, and I feel I we are connecting right to my angels and spirit guides. The information that emerges is always extraordinary and helpful and awe-inspiring.” Suzanne Sheppard, Ottawa, ON



Magical Mayan Bean Reading I did not know what to expect with this type of reading, but when Adya opened the beans and put them on table I immediately felt their playful, laughter energy and it made me laugh too. The reading was not only helpful in confirming that I am headed in the right …


October 15, 2015 This is the first letter of appreciation I’ve ever written in regards to alternative healing methods. I am very skeptical of any such thing and consider myself a realist. I’ve had back problems for a couple of years which prevented me from walking any long distance without tearing and burning pain. A …