October 15, 2015

This is the first letter of appreciation I’ve ever written in regards to alternative healing methods. I am very skeptical of any such thing and consider myself a realist.

I’ve had back problems for a couple of years which prevented me from walking any long distance without tearing and burning pain. A short walk downtown would often require a muscle relaxant for relief.

I decided to take Tai Chi and that’s how I met Avya. I thought it would be a gentle form of exercise and would help improve my posture

During Tai Chi, Avya asked if anyone would like their chakras worked on. I forget the exact term she used as that sort of thing is of little interest to me. However, I volunteered as I figured it could not hurt. When she gently touched my back I immediately felt a snap and wrench in my upper spine. It did not hurt, but it was a very strong jolt indeed.

I’m now able to walk with a minimum of pain. Last week I walked 47 kilometers and I try to walk 8 or 10 kilometers a day in good weather. I am being very careful as I really want to maintain spinal health and so far so good, for the first time in 2 years. My back feels a little tired after a long walk, but it’s an amazing improvement.

I have no idea what exactly Avya did, but I’m happy to write this letter and recommend her to anyone who has spinal or muscular issues. As I said, I am a complete skeptic but what she did for me is very real indeed. I wish her success in her future endeavors as she well deserves it.



Patti Hone